What? Oh, yes. Us.  The letter U followed by the letter S forms the trio that is Katie Kester, Monique Moses, and Elyse Brandau.  Now why couldn’t Elyse's name be Elyse Eckhart? To insure the same pattern of alliteration?... the world may never know. BUT, with their powers combined-


Katie Kester- (the force of Fire.  Traveling all the way from the great and powerful Kansas City, Kuh Kuh Kuh Katie now takes her thrown in Manhattan.  Restaurant Week was established in her honor.  In Latin, the word Kester means berserk- a fierce warrior. Also the title to the 1967 film staring Joan Crawford, BERSERK! )


Monique Moses- (the force of Wind and Water.  Monique Moses hails from that land beyond the border – Ah! O' Canada.  She has claimed that of Brooklyn and devotes her days to keeping the people there “friendly”.  Why two forces you ask? Because typically both water and wind are mostly depicted by hues of blue and this girl looks simply ravishing in cobalt and robins egg.)


Elyse Brandau (the force of Earth. Mother Nature if you will, was raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and made her journey by deerback all the way to Astoria Queens.  No, she will not be associated with Kevin James on this.  Elyse can talk to animals and plants.  I mean she does…all the time.  They talk back too “she says” …..well…..you have to wait for it….believe.)

...BUT, with their powers combined!!!!!!!...


Oh wait? How did we meet you ask? Well we don’t have a movie trilogy epic to inform you properly with, but all I will say is this-

Katie met Elyse. Elyse met Katie. 

Katie met Monique. Monique met Elyse. Then we had a baby. It was very funny looking. But we decided to love it. Because it was ours.

BUT....with their powers combined, they form TAKE OUT... 

A sense of humor and joy they want to share with you.  Let them share!  LET THE CHILDREN SHARE!  

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